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Empowering Businesses for the Digital Era

Digital transformation can be complex for someone like me, running a small or medium-sized business. The ever-changing tech landscape, unfamiliar terminology, and uncertainty about where to start often leaves me feeling lost and overwhelmed. However, through my platform, SteveOnDigital, I’ve come to understand these challenges and aim to simplify the process for others like me.

In a world dominated by technology, it’s essential to have a trusted guide: Someone who can decode the tech lingo and advise on the best decisions for my business. That’s what SteveOnDigital represents for me. I’ve created it to be the compass that points SMBs like mine in the right direction, offering resources, support, and guidance where it’s needed most.

While investing in technology is vital, it shouldn’t feel like an endless endeavor with rising costs and potential threats to my operations. Through SteveOnDigital, I emphasize ethical influence and professionalism, ensuring businesses like mine can efficiently manage resources, protect operations, and propel digital innovation and growth.

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I, Steve Johnston, combine academic background with hands-on experience.

With a background in electrical engineering and dual master’s degrees in project management and business administration, my journey took me from being a project manager to co-founding a MedTech company, pioneering one of the first CCD-based digital cameras for veterinary and chiropractic clinics.

But I’m equipped with more than just the necessary skills to guide businesses through their digital transformation journey—I’m passionate about making a difference.

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I’ll condensed my years of experience into accessible online courses to guide SMBs through their digital transformation journey.These courses, enriched by real-life examples and practical insights, will serve as a beacon, helping you easily navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

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