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Steve Johnston

Your digital guide for achieving your business objectives.

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For over 25 years, I have shared my knowledge clearly by combining business and technology. Thanks to my experience in both fields, I can simplify complex issues for the benefit of the companies I work with.

My obsession: to generate value in organizations through their technological development aligned with business objectives. I am a guide for companies in implementing practical tools to achieve early results in a timely manner while respecting the long-term perspective.

Steve Johnston

I am a Virtual CIO - Digital Transformation Leader - Blogger

Your Digital Guide

My academic background, entrepreneurial experience, passion for business and ability to simplify complex concepts, I can skillfully bridge the gap between the vision of a company and its technological needs.


Your Success

The VALUE seeking of each technological initiative in a company must remain a priority. Too many technological projects create no value or simply are bound to fail! Having an experienced guide, in business and technology, ensures this alignment and the success of technology investments.

Your simplified technology initiatives

Many companies are discouraged by the complexity of their tedious digital transformation. I can point out the easiest way to achieve business objectives and concrete results quickly.

Your Employees

It is necessary to involve people at the heart of digital strategies by integrating the habits of teams and working with them to find together the best way to implement and use the tools.

Your Success

The path to success is based on an action plan that includes phases adapted to the company’s culture, evolution and aspirations.

Your earnings

In managing projects, I primary focus on generating value for the company. I can quickly show profits that confirm the company’s long-term vision and boost employee productivity.

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