Where to Start my Digital Transformation: The Seven Essential Digital Tools

So, you’re convinced you need to modernize your business’s systems by implementing technological solutions. You know that tech tools will make you even more competitive, that they will allow you to efficiently conduct business and that they will bring you quick wins to motivate your team. Now, where to start? Here are seven essential digital tools, listed in no particular order, to help you get started. 

Cloud Computing

Yes, it’s all the rage, and for good reason. Why? Because working on the cloud, as opposed to on individual computers or on a server, promotes collaboration, is secure, automatically backs up files and is affordable. As you’ll notice, the other essential digital tools listed here are based in the cloud. 

A Cloud-Based Office Suite 

All people within an organization, no matter the role, should be using the same cloud-based Office Suite so that they can all easily collaborate and share files. Everyone is then able to communicate gained knowledge with their colleagues.

Business Intelligence Software 

BI software gathers data from inside your company, but also from the outside: all public data from competitors and governments. Of course, analyzing relevant data will help stakeholders make better decisions based on internal and external factors.

A Cloud-Based Customer Relationship Management Solution

A CRM allows employees to track all interactions with a client through the pipeline from the lead stage to loyal brand ambassador. These interactions can be emails, calls, and virtual meetings along with notes about each interaction. Employees thus have relevant information about the interactions in the past, improving customer experience. 

Cloud-Based Accounting Software 

Interactions with your company’s bookkeeper and accountant are instantly simplified by switching to a cloud-based solution. They will have access to invoices and receipts in real time. No need to send documents back and forth. Moreover, the company’s bank account is connected to the software, automatically updating revenue and expenses.

Cloud-Based Project Management Software 

As you carry out the steps of your digital transformation as outlined on your Digital Roadmap, a project management system becomes vital. Be sure to select one, and only one, that will meet the needs of all departments, ensuring that disparate departments will be able to see others’ progress. 

Video Conferencing Software 

As more and more business is conducted virtually, video conferencing software has become essential. In addition to allowing real-time video conferencing, this software must also include collaborative capabilities including: chat, file sharing, permissions management, connectivity to other online tools. Not only are there many options available, your IT team could customize one for your business using open-source solutions.

Implementing these seven digital tools is a great start to your digital journey. I am certain you will soon remark the improved collaboration amongst team members, the more efficient file sharing, and the time-savings. These are all Quick Wins which will motivate you and your team to continue your digital transformation. 

You want to know how to create YOUR IT Roadmap in just a few steps?

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