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Two of my passions are business and technology. I also tend to have a little teacher side who enjoys sharing his knowledge and ideas. I’m always learning, through books, among other things… I always have a book (physical, the one you can touch:)) at home and an audio book that I listen to in the car, or when I’m running !!!

While discussing with people in the business world, I noticed a big gap between their digital aspirations and the results achieved. Clearly, the link between the business world and the technology world is insufficient… and that’s what inspired me to start this blog!!!! My purpose is to do my part and allow more companies to take advantage of current and future technologies.

Unpretentiously, I hope that this blog will help you better understand some concepts and allow you to start technological initiatives that will help your organization and employees grow and improve your competitiveness.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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