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Simplicity is ULTIMATE sophistication!

– Leonard de Vinci

My story

An owner of a well-established business had a serious customer satisfaction problem. Customers were enthusiastic about buying his product, but it worsened throughout the process. At final installation, most customers were no longer convinced that they had chosen the right company/product. They wanted a refund/complained/commented negatively on social media.

When we first spoke, we discussed the steps in his process, the number of people involved and the amount of information gathered at each step. After evaluation, meeting and mapping the customer experience, we concluded that there were seven main steps. I told him that we had to tackle this challenge from two perspectives: external and internal.

So we planned and implemented a communication strategy plan (external) for clients, an operational plan (internal) and a training plan for employees.

The result exceeded the expectations of the company’s manager. Installation problems, complaints about miscommunication, claims for reimbursement, customers who shared their discontent on social networks… and so on! All these issues have improved and customers refer other potential customers because their experiences were well run by all parties in the company.

My values and beliefs


I believe it is essential to align business objectives with technological initiatives. The management team has a competitive advantage when one of its members is a technology strategist.


To promote team collaboration, I ensure that technology choices and their uses are tailored to teams’ internal standards in order to stimulate embracing change.


To influence in the right direction, you need the ability to present complex concepts and processes in a simple, clear and imaginative way.


The outreach of digital transformation’s impacts on both operations and business objectives is essential for success.


We must keep an intellectual curiosity, an analytical mind and a passion for technology and business… two fields that are constantly evolving.

This experience was very revealing on the benefits of making good use of technological tools. The positive impact on customers and employees has increased the company’s sales and profitability. Also, very relevant data is collected at each transaction and contributes to business intelligence and better decision-making.

This inspired me when I wanted to share and support as many companies or organizations as possible in their technological initiatives. I take great pleasure in observing the results achieved and the benefits that companies gain from it.

My approach

A collaborative approach, respectful of people and tailored to the current functioning of the company is essential. The one who leads the implementation of technological tools must be aware of the changes that employees are experiencing and must be prepared…good communication, training and close collaboration with employees and managers.

People are the key element in achieving success.

Agile and proactive management allows you to achieve results quickly while maintaining and contributing to the long-term vision. In order to allow users to adapt to new tools, a PHASE-BASED approach has proven its success in several technology projects over the course of my experience.

The cornerstones of my approach are: Plan, Build, Use and Focus on Results.

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