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“Business can be tough. Your digital transformation doesn’t have to be” As an experienced business and technology professional with over 25 years experience, Steve Johnston is particularly adept at turning complex ideas into simple concepts. His obsession: aligning technological development with business objectives in order to generate value for organizations. With a long-term perspective in mind, he is relentlessly passionate about guiding companies in implementing practical tools that yield early results. Regardless of your background, SteveOnDigital simplifies the process of transitioning seamlessly to the digital age.

Steve Johnston

Founder SteveOnDigital

Investing in SteveOnDigital provides you with the tools and confidence you need to transform your business digitally without breaking the bank.

Build your business, increase revenues, improve customer service, reduce expenses, reduce stress, and more.

In today's digital world, every business is a digital business. SteveOnDigital was developed specifically for small to medium business owners to transform their
businesses into successful, profitable, and profitable digital powerhouses. In the global marketplace, the way you use digital technology can make the difference between thriving and failing.

Meet THE Founder,

Steve Johnston

Steve Johnston is a fearless advocate for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, and thought leaders in the digital transformation space.

With degrees in electrical engineering, master’s degrees in business administration, and project management, Steve has accumulated a vast amount of business and technology knowledge over the course of his 25+ year career, enabling him to simplify complex problems into digital solutions that are accessible to everyone.

The Ottawa Business Journal ranked Steve among the 40 Under 40 leaders, and he has won numerous awards and recognitions in his field. As well as serving on various Commerce and Innovation boards, he also advises the Canadian Digital Adoption Program. Among his many industry-leading credentials are the Accredited Industry 4.0 Auditor and COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate.

However, he believes his greatest accomplishment was his ability to provide powerful, transformative and elegant digital solutions that have successfully driven growth and success for his clients worldwide. Thanks to his extensive experience and infectious enthusiasm, he has created a thriving community where he shares useful and accessible content to help anyone on the road to digital transformation.

Today, every business is a digital business !!!

Steve On Digital is a robust, easy-to-use platform designed to simplify your digital world.From online reputation to website optimization, digital marketing to customer conversions – in the global marketplace, the way you use (or don’t use) digital technology can be the difference between thriving and surviving or flailing and failing.

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