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Effective Cloud Collaboration for Better Business Management

Effective Cloud Collaboration for Better Business Management

In the fierce world of business, cloud collaboration is providing companies with new avenues of gaining the “competitive edge”. Cloud-based project management is allowing companies to expand their horizons. Businesses are taking advantage of cloud integration to run more efficient and cost-effective processes. Cloud tools are allowing teams to collaborate in real-time and produce more creative ideas and solutions. Improved productivity and quality of work are inspiring more companies to embrace cloud-based platforms as the primary collaboration management tool.

Differences between Traditional and Cloud Collaboration

Collaboration has always been an important part of any work environment. Before cloud computing, managers kept track of projects through commercial or custom-made tools that were centralized on the company network. The network needed to be robust enough to support the collaboration platforms. Also, the infrastructure was maintained on-premise. Companies depended mainly on full-time employees. Both human and infrastructure resources needed to be estimated and planned before the start of the project.

Cloud collaboration is changing the traditional work process. It’s allowing employers to gather resources more dynamically. It’s cutting down on infrastructure equipment and personnel. Managers can concentrate on creating the core product or service rather than worrying about peripherals. Companies can hire remote vendors or contract employees easily. They can also outsource work faster than before.

Benefits of Cloud Collaboration for Businesses

The case for using the cloud for collaboration is compelling. Here are the reasons:

Better Access

Cloud has improved accessibility. It has opened up opportunities for collaboration across time-zones and geographical boundaries. Today employees can access their work information from anywhere, anytime. They can share ideas and solutions across oceans. Even a few years ago, it was impossible for employees to have 24/7 access to their work environment. It’s the norm now.

Real-Time Collaboration

Cloud-based storage and sharing provide real-time tools. Two designers can work on the same project file simultaneously in real-time. The improved productivity leads to faster solutions. Also, companies can bring talented people to work together without the need for organizing a complicated schedule.

Improved Security

Cloud providers can afford the most qualified security experts. They also maintain a dedicated staff to support the hardware and software. It leads to better security. Even though enterprises were initially worried about the security aspect, clouds seem to be providing better coverage than traditional on-premise infrastructures. According to a Gartner report, public cloud will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than on-premise data centers through 2020.

More Cost-Effective

Cloud services are more flexible. Companies can scale their infrastructure usage up or down according to their current needs. It doesn’t require as much dedicated IT resources. Due to economies of scale, cloud providers can offer hardware and software at a lower cost than on-premise setups. It can save companies a lot of time and money on installations of collaboration tools.

Promotes Teamwork

Team members can easily discuss and check each other’s work through cloud-based messaging and application sharing. The work process becomes more transparent and stimulates innovation. Cloud-based collaboration management is responsible for encouraging teamwork.

Better Reporting

Businesses can better track and manage project status and progress through cloud-based tools. Employees are more willing to use tools that are easy-to-use and easy-to-access. Better reporting leads to better business analytics and better business results.

 Properties of Effective Collaboration Platform

Companies can either purchase commercially available tools or build their own platform. Whether companies buy or build, it’s necessary to understand the important properties that make a good tool or a good platform…


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